Isle of Lewis Chessmen

August 26, 2006 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Chess | 3 Comments


Originally this post was to be about “You know if you’ve read too much Harry Potter when . . . “, but then I got to investigating the Harry Potter chess set and discovered the Isle of Lewis chess set which is housed at The British Museum. Above is a replica of this beautiful chess set from 1200 AD. More information can be found at Wikipedia and History of Chess and, of course, The British Museum. Below are pictures of these remarkable chess pieces. Click on any of the hyperlinks to view a larger image of it.

The Set

The King

The Queen

The Bishop

The Knights

The Beserkers

BTW, I did check out Sarah’s Journal Archive and Edgar Winter‘s websites for more information, but I didn’t find anything there. If I missed a link in these sites, I apologize.



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  1. They are beautiful indeed!

  2. eleven of this magnificent pieces can be admired at Edinburgh National Museum. that is where the others should be too.

  3. The history behind this chess set is what makes its so special its also a very beautiful set of pieces

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