Two Excerpts from Chess Fiction

August 24, 2006 at 12:01 am | Posted in Chess | Leave a comment

Surreal Chess

Tarashan astounds the spectators with an aggressive hypermodern opening of her own invention. She releases three companies of foot soldiers across the glacial moraine. Horovitz’s response is no less unconventional. He advances his panther to the king wolf’s forest and fianchettos his hetaera.

An Intimate Game of Chess

The soft caress of an exploratory glance holds my mind captive; wandering through their desires. A subtle finger tip gentles rubs over the glass tumbler with a touch of intrigue and interest; the pawn slowly advances… careful to maintain attention. A suggestory nod, a slow suggestive stretch my way whispers an intimate foreshadow of a story yet to be written; a gentle puff in my ear. The opposing pawn draws a step closer; the two players exchange opposition for intrigue and interest.

Their eyes become bright with anticipation of what is to come; thoughts race wild through their imagination. The game of chess has begun and the players become entwined in a mysterious act of eroticism.


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