Schaap-Fischer Exchange

August 14, 2006 at 10:17 pm | Posted in Chess | 1 Comment

I watched the Anything To Win episode about Bobby Fischer and it was nothing but disturbing. The exchange between Jeremy Schaap and Bobby Fischer in Iceland typifies the rampant anti-semitism that Fischer holds. On the plus side, Schaap showed himself to be a classy guy. Though this exchange brings up a lot of hits on the webernet, I thought I add it in for those who have yet to see it on tape. The exchange below is stolen from courtesy of The Daily Scorecard.

Fischer says – Who are you? (Jeremy) Jeremy who?
Schaap – Jeremy Schaap

Fischer – Dick’s son?
Schaap Yes

Fischer He was Jewish?
Schaap Yes………. pause…………. as are you.

Fischer (angrily) No I am not. I wrote a letter to the Judaica library in Jerusalem 20 years ago and told them that I am not nor have I ever been a Jew. And they gave me a ‘clean bill of health’ Did you read that letter? Did you read that?
Schaap What does that mean Bobby?

Fischer It means that they will no
longer list my name in the library as being a Jew.

Fischer You know the US is controlled by the Jews.. They say there’s only 6 million Jews in the US but I know its more like 25-30 million.
Schaap How do you know this?
Fischer Well, I’ve researched and studied it.
Schaap How would you study this?
Fischer Well you know from all of the reading I’ve done. I’ve read a lot of books.

Fischer later You know your father banged me pretty hard saying I didn’t have a sane bone in my body.. I didn’t forget that.
Schaap He said a lot of things about you (Fischer interrupts) I didn’t read the statement but I am aware he said it and I don’t think he meant it literally.


Fischer I hate to keep ‘banging on a guy’ but I’d like to go back to this………… what’s your name again? (Jeremy) Yeah, his (Schaap’s) father took me in at one time and was nice to me…. (Jeremy – he took you to Knick games, you were 12) and became a father figure to me and then like a typical Jewish snake he wrote vicious things about me.
I have to object to that…
Fischer Well he said it.
Schaap “yes Bobby and you’ve done nothing today to disprove anything my father ever said about you.”


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  1. The interview was different from that what is written here, means the citations are not correct! (See e.g. the according video on youtube).

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