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King of Spill writes:

I finally got my Circles pay off in a standard game! I was extra focused on every threat on every move, both mine and my opponents, which helped. Too many times in the past I have been surprised by my opponents response. Anyway, t was nice to win and play well, and this may be my best of the year :).

Congratulations! It’s nice to see that these exercises will pay off. Sciurus posts a win as well.

The Expert Mind by Philip Ross is online now which I mentioned earlier.

Blue Knight has finished Circle One and wrote a little piece about the Grand Prix Attack.

Meanwhile Mark Weeks writes about the Reti Opening, 1. Nf3; takchess, King’s Gambit; The Kenilworthian, the Spanish Four Knights.

A new blogger, Transformation, is amongst us at Chess Improvement.

Generalakia is back, blogging regulary, and churning through on CTS.

Immigration issues hit the chess world. You can read about it at Boylston Chess Club (BCC) or The 64 Square Jungle. Oh, and a big clap of hands for the BCC for suprassing 50,000 bong hits.

J’adoube appears not to have had a good time in Kansas — there’s a Wizard of Oz joke here somewhere.

Sarah has a letter by Edwin Lawrence Godkin which points to the absurdity of celebrity worship from the 1850s which sounds hauntingly familiar today. If you read the letter, Kossuth was a renowened Hungarian revolutionary and Jenny Lind, a popular singer.

And, finally, Tempo does some math and my brain hurts.


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