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July 24, 2006 at 12:01 am | Posted in Chess | Leave a comment

At Edgar Winter’s Chess Notes, there is an amusing post entitled Fischer book planned?.

Below is the text of C.N. 2664 (see also pages 364-365 of A Chess Omnibus); it raised a matter on which no further details have yet been found:

Page 224 of the September 1963 Chess Life had this box announcement:‘Want to Get Published?Bobby Fischer is compiling his early games, 1955, 56 & 57, for publication. He is missing quite a few – and he was on the losing side of many of these. If you have any of the scores, send them to Chess Life, c/o J.F. Reinhardt, 80 E. 11th Street, N.Y. 3, N.Y.’Is anything more known about this publication project? As ever, the call is for solid information. This is not the place for observations along the lines of ‘If memory serves, my understanding has always been that I read somewhere that maybe there was talk once of a rumour that someone perhaps mentioned an oral tradition that it may possibly have been claimed that it was widely believed that …’.

Concerning the final paragraph, other precursors of nescience include, ‘My best guess would be that …’, ‘If I had to guess I would say that …’, ‘I think I read or heard somewhere that …’ and ‘The last I heard was that …’

I believe blogs fill this role quite nicely, thank you very much.


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