Blogroll Adjustments

July 21, 2006 at 12:01 am | Posted in Chess | 6 Comments

One of the problems I have had with a large blogroll (yeah, yeah, we should all have such problems) was the inability to keep updated on those chess bloggers who regularly update their sites. In hopes of making my life easier, I’ve created a new blogroll category called, “Regularly Updated”. Blogs which are updated on a frequent basis (once a week) will appear here as well as their other natural square — I mean category.

Just from this simple adjustment, I was got a good laugh from j’adoube’s “The Redneck Chess Championships”, read Mark Weeks’ review of Andrew Soltis’ Why Lasker Matters, read PeteyDaddy’s encounter with a chess stripper, Sarah’s writings about Chess and the Renaissance, Susan Polgar’s list of some changes she would like to see in the USCF, Daland begins the Quest, King O’Spills call for TCT glitches, various chess discussions from Edwin Meyer, Sciurus, Montse, Mousetrapper, and Temposchlucker, and, last but not least, The Kenilowrthain’s most awesome chess tour of New York City.

Oh yeah, a slight change to the template.



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  1. What is a blogroll? Is that just what’s in your sidebar?
    And don’t you get an automatic notification everytime we update our blogs? You can use a little freeware program for that called “Webmon”

  2. Yeah, a blogroll is a list of blog links. That’s a sweet little program, I’ll have to give it a try.

  3. i love your site. thank you. found you liked through dutch defence meyer.

    im just in from a LONG day at work, so not a time for deep heuristical commentating, but to let you know ive seen you very, very smart stuff.

    thx, david

  4. hopefully link to my blog appears under

  5. im new to this blog stuff… pls allow me to try to see if this creates an active link…

  6. No problem . . . welcome aboard.

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