Beauty Day, Eh?

April 16, 2006 at 8:27 pm | Posted in Chess | Leave a comment

Easter Sunday in the First State was a gorgeous day. And what a way to celebrate such wonderment than to sit on the deck with a fat Dominican in my mouth and run through some Chess Vision drills.

DLM writes on pages 29-30:

Some players may object that these micro drills are so trivial that they are unnecessary. The fact that they are trivial, however, does not mean that they are not useful. Remember that soccer players practice penalty kicks and basketball players practice slam-dunks even though these tasks are trivial. Professional athletes perform these micro-drills over and over again so that they can perform at a high level in adverse situations.

As far as analogies go, I would have preferred foul shots to slam dunks, but he makes his point. I finished my third Concentric Square at d5 and then did my first Knight Sight exercise. The Knight Sight excercise was quick and fun. More important, it reminded me of the rule that Knights move to opposite color squares.

I felt giddy, whether it was the cigar that got to my head or just the gorgeous weather ā€” did I mention is was gorgeous? ā€”, I did another Concentric Square exercise, this time with the King on e8. I’ll do a few more of that and then move the King to its various Castled positions, c8 and g8. I ended the session with a Knight Sight. I know that I should really limit my exercise time as not to burn out, but it was just so nice. Pale Morning Dun, your point is well taken about resting and playing.

Two other notes: I purchased CT-ART 3.0 last night as well as paid for a year subscription at the ICC.

Study Time
Today: 1hr 45min
Total: 3hr 15min (3 days)


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