Day 1: Concentric Squares

April 14, 2006 at 8:52 pm | Posted in Chess | 4 Comments

Admittedly, I went into my first concentric square excercise with some disbelief — okay, a lot of disbelief. How can moving a Rook, Bishop and Knight around the board and King help me? With the Rook I was yeah yeah yeah this ain’t going to help and I felt my mind wandering to the Manchester United football match that awaited me on Tivo. But with the Bishop, the patterns began to emerge, the simplicty of moving the Queen to this square or that began to repeat itself in splendid beauty — okay, it just got easier. By the fourteenth day, it should get very easy.



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  1. Welcome aboard! Reminds me – I need to review those too…

  2. Welcome. They actually do help .

  3. Welcome aboard Hungarian Knight. Enjoy these playful times with the concentric circles. After this…well, you will see 😉

  4. Welcome aboard! Remember to keep it fun too.


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