Tactics 01 Unit 08

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223 problems, 775 exercises . . . whew . . .


Die Schachpartie

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Tactics 01 Unit 07

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GZA’s General Principles

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On recommendation from Edwin Meyer. This is actually a cool chess video.

jensen34 2006.04.03

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Here is a match between a friend of mine at work and myself. I do get the better of him here, but no worry, I’ll post another where I get smoked.

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Patzers Rap

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You got rap on my chess! No, you got chess in my rap!

Update: YouTube was having some issues, so here is the direct link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGcnkYSppuU. Enjoy.

Update 2: You can find more videos from the creators of this video at Buttlesschaps.

More Blog Roll Additions

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I’ve added a Chess Blogs section this morning to my Blog roll: Susan Polgar, The Kenilworthian, Dutch Defense, Dreadpiratejosh, Delaware Chess Blog, Chessola, Boylston Chess Club.

And Then There Was Chess

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I just added Dutch Defense‘s blog to my Knights Errant chess blog roll. This Errant Knight chess player is using PCT as well, and his speeds are quite impressive.

Tactics 01 Unit 06

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I’ve decided to go with PCT. Yeah, more money being spent but I also need to see that I am making progress. I’m going through the Tactics 01 module. I have completed 5 units in 2 days. Basically, I’ve studied 150 exercises, but I have completed 420 exercises altogether — obviously many of them are repeated and all them will be. After 6 times “studying” an exercise, PCT considers that I have learned it. Last night Istudiedd three units for a total of 75 minutes or so. Tonight it was two units for 90 minutes. The first four units covered 1 move mate, and Unit 5 started two move mates with sacrifices.

Thanks for everyone’s helpful advice.

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